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Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss

Do you want to look great, feel confident, and be in control of your eating?

Yes! Show me how

Free Training / No More Dieting

And end to...

  • Counting Calories / Macros!
  • Eliminating Sugar / Carbs!
  • Spending Hours at the Gym!
Get results... no matter how many diets you've tried in the past!

I Want the Training

Winning at HPWL

Leslie has helped me…

“Leslie has helped me reach a point in life where I can now walk away from certain foods that I used to ‘hear calling my name,’ I always found an excuse to snack saying I deserved it for whatever reason, now I find myself having the same immediate gratification by being able to say no, I don’t really want it!”


I barely thought of food this week…

“I barely thought of food this week. Before starting, I was always opening the fridge or cabinet between meals to see what I could snack on.”


I no longer eat out of boredom…

“Working with Leslie brought so much awareness to my ‘internal dialogue,’ which was working against me (Who knew? Leslie did!). I was able to quiet that internal critic and shift my thought process. As a result, I put food ‘in its place.’ I no longer eat out of boredom or procrastination, but when I’m hungry. I listen to my body for signs, and not the clock on the wall telling me it’s time to eat.”

Jill B


“This coaching program is very comprehensive. Leslie and her team are so awesome. I found this program to be priceless!”

Christine Malone

I am down 8.4 pounds…

“I had absolutely no interest in the holiday deserts at the office. I didn’t even need to have ‘healthy’ snacks to tide me over like I needed in previous years.”


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